> Upper material made from corn.
> Heel pad made of recycled plastic bottles.
> Organic cotton inner lining.
> Free chromium and nickel metal eyelets.
> Sole made with natural rubber and recycled.
> Removable insole made of recycled plastics.
> Micro perforated fabric to help the transpiration.
> Made in Spain, Elche.
> The sneakers are send in a recycled cardboard box.

Roland-Tricolor Ivory

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Schuhe Größe
  • We recommend washing your flamingos' life with a damp cloth and Marseille soap.

    Don't wash them in the washing machine or use the dryer.

    You can not use bleach either

  • How do we do?

    Each shoe collection is associated with an specific environmental and social project which acts to solve or improve it. How do we do?

    We do a monthly donation from part of the turnover of the sale of each shoe to a specific NGO. We choose in an exhaustive way the organizations with which we work having a monthly and direct treatment with them.

    In this way, you don't just buy shoes, you are part of the ecological activism that the planet needs in order to to be able to have a sustainable development. You are helping to generate cleaner air by reforesting different areas of the planet or cleaning garbage from the Pacific Ocean and recycling plastic bottles.

    The beneficiary from this acts is the planet, but also you.

    Value circle

    product > project > consumer


    The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet and one of the most opaque sectors that exists.

    Several million people, including children, are exploited and are working within the supply chain of the clothes we are wearing.

    Our philosophy turns around three axes:

    _ Make the fashion industry visible, making it transparent to the consumer and giving to them all the information in order to make accurate and conscious decisions.

    _ Using our company to give a solution to the environmental problem that we have generated in the last 60 years.

    _ We do not kill animals They are a value in themselves and have the right to a life without suffering, we turn away from any utilitarian conception of the animals that the fashion industry has developed over the last 50 years.

    We made the shoes with post-consumer plastic bottle materials, plastics generated in the footwear industry that were not going to have a longer useful life, organic cotton grown with water, without pesticides, and natural rubber extracted in a sustainable way from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.

    Each shoe collection is associated with a specific environmental problem.

    Together with Eden Reforestation Projects we have several reforestation projects on a global scale directly affecting the reforestation of trees in areas of Madagascar and Mozambique.

    We collaborate with Waste Free Oceans making monthly donations for the collection of marine garbage and generate educational projects of environmental awareness.